Gulf Breeze Nachosflamingo_mask
Gotta Try It! Tortilla chips smothered in a white cheese sauce, jalapeƱos and fresh salsa. Available plain, chicken, beef and shrimp.
Plain         $8.99
Chicken      $10.59
Beef         $11.99

Spinach tortilla quesadilla, Santa Fe chicken, cheese,
Applewood bacon, tomatoes and green onions.   $10.29

Tiki Torches
Eat up! Skewered fried coconut chicken tenders with Lizard Sauce,
tangerine honey.    $8.69

Boola Bites
Bite This! Mini Hulaboola Burgers (3) with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions.    $8.99

Seeded baguette topped with melted provolone, colby jack, applewood bacon, tomatoes and green onions.
1/2 Boat    $6.19
Full Boat    $8.69

Ya Ya Empanadas
Corn masa pastry filled with shredded beef & peppers. Served with a sour cream salsa.      $8.69

Bamboo Stick
Mondo Delicious! Bread stick filled with muenster, caramelized onions served with butter, garlic oil, and marinara.    $7.69

Feeding Frenzy Cheese Dip
Salsa, onions, peppers, sausage, ham, applewood bacon, and chicken in cheese sauce with tortilla chips.    $8.19

Shark Attack Cheese Fries
Devour This! Fries topped with melted colby jack and applewood bacon.
1/2 Order    $7.69
Full Order    $9.99

Castaway Cove
Yummy! Fried green tomatoes on a bed of spring mix, with a horseradish honey sauce.    $7.19 

Parrothead Pork Bites
Mini Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Chipotle BBQ Sauce and pickled green tomatoes.    $8.89

Lava Lava Dip
Jalapeno pimento cheese dip topped with bacon served with tortilla chips.      $7.69